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Online Training

"When COVID-19 hit, I thought that was the end of my krav training for the forseeable future. When I heard that Fit to Fight was offering online classes on Zoom, I jumped on the opportunity! I love that the classes are live; it allows you to get real time training with corrections, ensuring that even though the classes aren’t in person, you’re still working on your skills. Morgan and Adolfo keep the classes high energy, and there’s a variety of classes to choose from: krav, partner training and fitness classes. My brother jumps in and really appreciates the workout too! It’s totally worth it, and gets me off my butt after working all day. It’s really the next best thing to training in person :) " -Ameenay Khan

We've Gone Digital

We are now offering online training options for you to do at home! Train Krav skill sets and get in fight ready shape with our Krav Classes and Fitness training options live on ZOOM!

Want to try it out first hand? Take advantage of our 2 week trial and have unlimited access to our classes for $40.



"Fit to Fight Atlanta has always provided an awesome learning environment and fitness facility since I started last summer. Their transformation to virtual learning due to COVID-19 has been a saving grace for me. I'm still getting my training in and I'm even strengthening some skill sets that needed improvement, such as split-second defense recognition in various scenarios.
Online learning can be very tricky since a lot of self defense involves partner work, however, Morgan and Adolfo have done an amazing job creating a curriculum that works for their students!! Even though I'm learning through a screen, the elements of their successful classes are still present: thorough explanations and breaking down steps, practice through drilling, and individual and collective feedback. And on top of that, they make the classes a lot of fun too!
They know what they're talking about and teaching and I can't recommend Fit to Fight Atlanta enough." -Jacquelyn Pritz


Ready to train on the go or even from the comfort of your own home? We've got what you need. No matter where life takes you, our Online Training program at Fit to Fight Atlanta gives you all the tools you need to thrive. Start your journey today!


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