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We're Offering Comprehensive Krav Maga Classes For All Ages And Abilities

Don't let real-world danger catch you off-guard. Take on the best self-defense training today with the help of our team here at Fit To Fight® Atlanta. Our Krav Maga classes are equipping people all across Atlanta and Dekalb County with effective striking and self-defense skills - and we can't wait for you to be next.

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What's Included In Our Krav Maga Classes? 

Our primary goal is to help you stay safe in any situation. We do that by offering effective and efficient striking, grappling and defensive skills. Our Krav Maga classes are all about helping you get the most out of every movement. 

Come see us here at Fit To Fight® Atlanta and take on:

Krav Maga: Learn the basics of striking and situational awareness. We'll introduce you to a core set of effective self-defense skills that can help you react to a threat without wasting a second. We're taking your training to the next level with a focus on armed attackers, multiple attackers, and fast-paced simulation exercises. This class can prepare you for anything life throws your way.

Kids Krav Maga (Ages 4+):

  • Effective strikes
  • Fast decision making abilities under stress
  • Body awareness and understanding push/pull energies
  • Understanding your fight with your unique body type and skill sets

Why Is Krav Maga Right For You?

The truth is, most traditional martial arts disciplines aren't great for real-world self-defense. They require drawn-out forms and complicated strategies and they don't always equip you with practical self-defense skills.

Krav Maga is the complete opposite.

This discipline is all about preparing you for real-world dangers. We're here to help you face life with confidence and strike with more power and speed than ever before.

At Fit To Fight® Atlanta, we're giving you the chance to take on:

  • Effective strikes from any position
  • Lightning-quick reaction times to a threat
  • Strategies to maintain a calm mind in high-stress situations

Get Started Today With The Best Krav Maga Classes In Atlanta And All Of Dekalb County!

If you're looking for a better way to train and prepare yourself for whatever life throws your way, we have the answer here at Fit To Fight® Atlanta. Our Krav Maga classes are helping men and women all across Dekalb County stay safe and we can't wait for you to be next.

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