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Fundamentals and their importance

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In talking with multiple people throughout my martial arts carrier across multiple arts, one thing was very clear that we all agreed on.  Foundation and fundamentals are key and should never be forgotten.  This is in all honesty the most important part of any and all martial arts training.  Like a building without a solid foundation, nothing that you build on top of it will truly last.  Yes, training it over and over again can seem at times boring and one may feel that they are not growing or benefiting from it when one actually is.  It is not fancy. It does not have the "WOW" factor that we see on TV and movies but it is what, when faced in a real life scenario, can potentially save your life.  TV and movies are designed to make things look cool and yes in all arts there are more advanced techniques that are cool and effective at the same time.  However, one can not and will not ever be able truly perform those without learning the basics and constantly drilling the basics.  If you watch competitions in Judo, BJJ, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, or even in the MMA all is predicated on their fundamentals.  No matter what system we train in, we can never work on our fundamentals and our foundations even if you are a high rank.  That's where the true growth is; drill and repeat.  Let it become second nature so that if one day you have to truly use it, you don't have to think about it, you just execute.  Do not worry about your rank. Do not worry about your level.  In the real world whether competitive or real life self defense it does not matter and your opponent will not care.     

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